Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Under the Dome is over-now what? Come see me at The Stitch Factory on Friday 2 pm

 Well hello Gorgeous,
Sigh, Under the Dome is over. Can you believe it? The book, was by far better. Though, the tv series caught my attention for the summer and now I just may tune in next season, but no promises.

Now, the winner for our Twitter party giving away a Vaseline Spray & Go moisturizer has been notified and mass congrats to the soft skin they are about to get!

Finally, put me on your calendar for Las Vegas this Friday September 20th at The Stitch Factory.

From 2-4 pm I will be teaching a makeup workshop: The first hour is a structured lesson and the second hour is a free for all to answer and teach the burning beauty questions! This workshop is free to attend, so come on down to:

Stitch Factory, 300 N. Las Vegas Blvd. and RSVP here!

Later that evening is the informative and inspiring talks! I have a fancy power point presentation, so please come see it!
Speaker Series
Location: The Learning Village, 727 Fremont St.

Mix and Mingle with FREE Big Ern’s BBQ
P.S.! Please leave ample time to find a place to park and plan to walk around and experience the neighborhood - it's where the Life is Beautiful festival will be held next month, so come scope out some parking now!

Here's a bit about Stitch Factory:

Stitch Factory is a fashion incubator, co-working studio and creative community established to support emerging fashion designers.  A game changer for the fashion industry, Stitch Factory's collaborative studio offers designers professional workspace, an inspiring community, and business mentorship.  Rarely does an enterprise come equipped with the in-house talent and experience to help a designer explore his/her creative ideas from concept to market.  Rarer still is the business of fashion support and training incorporated into the development.  The expertise of the in-house team at Stitch Factory extends to the brand development, marketing of a collection, and communication with buyers; paramount to the success of a designer.

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!