Saturday, January 18, 2014

Gerard Caruso with RUSK: How to Pick The Right Hair Products for YOU

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Okay, I'm sorry again for another "post of a post" but the lovely people over at RUSK have sent some great info from one of their lead stylists.


RUSK International Creative Director Gerard Caruso has 25+ years of experience as a salon owner and celebrity hair stylist and is available to provide any expert advice you might need! Of note, although Gerard is affiliated with RUSK, he does not need to speak only the brand and can provide unbranded tips, recommendations, trend forecasting, etc.

Tips from Gerard Caruso:
How to Pick The Right Hair Products for YOU

·         While mousses are great for all hair textures, they work best when looking for body and volume to your hair giving you the extra bounce you’re looking for. Mousses are also great to squeeze into natural curly hair to help control the curl without weighing it down.
o    Gerard recommends: RUSK Designer Collection Mousse Maximum Volume and Control, SRP $13
·         Oils are great for hydration, shine and frizz and help to repair the hair, but sometimes have a tendency to weigh the hair down or just make it to greasy. They work best on dry, damaged hair, or thicker, curlier hair looking to calm some frizz; all oils are best when applied on hair’s mid shaft to ends and not at the scalp area.
o    Gerard recommends: RUSK Deepshine Oil Protective Oil Treatment, SRP $29.95
·         Pomades work best on shorter hair styles to help mold and define the look.
o    Gerard recommends: RUSK Paste, SRP $9 – available in April 2014.
·         Root sprays – although root lifters work great on all hair textures, they seem to work best for longer, heavier hair  that you are trying to get most amount of  volume and texture at the scalp leaving you with flexible control.
o    Gerard recommends: RUSK Designer Collection Blofoam Extreme Texture and Root Lifter, SRP $13

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