Friday, January 31, 2014

Healthy Divas: Financially Wise Women lesson with Brittney Castro

Hello Gorgeous!
As we are wrapped up the Healthy Diva time together, we all got a short checklist of ways we can instantly improve our relationships to money from the Financial Wise Women money coach Miss Brittney Castro.

This photo of Brittney on set shows what a financially wise woman can be like! Free!

 The final day of production we had alot to accomplish in a little bit of time. I'll get back to you on
that in a later post. For now, enjoy this short video of Brittney introducing the Money Class she just launched. There is still time to get enrolled and it's for all ages, situations, types and levels of finance. So go watch!
To learn more about Brittney Castro, the Healty Diva of finance, please visit her website!

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