Sunday, January 5, 2014

People's Choice Awards CBS January 8th: did you vote?

Well hello Gorgeous!
It's that time again: January brings New Year's Resolutions and the beginning of  the award show season.
Which, I'm not sure really ever goes away?

So coming up is the People's Choice Awards on CBS January 8th. It's alot of the same ol' same ol' except for the Humanitarian Award which I am interested in.

So I ask you, are you watching or will you DVR it and send it to the list that is always meant to be watched but never quite is?

Are there any shows coming back on that you are looking forward to?
I watch POI and The Good Wife. I'm interested in what goes on for those characters, but with the upcoming travel schedule I don't know if I will get to see all the episodes.

So let's move on to what's really poppin' for 2014: the color Orchid, eating organic detox menus, Sochi Olympics, Russia, low cost air carriers that don't crash, and content marketing on mobile. Phew!

I will have more tech update from CES which starts in 27 hours baby!
See ya there!

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