Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Healthy Divas on set in Los Angeles: Kreation Juice and then meet the Divas!

Hey Gorgeous!
I've been busy with the Healthy Divas and we did some visiting, teaching, fitnessing and of course eating while making the rounds in Los Angeles. It's such an amazing group of women and I am so excited to introduce you to them!

First we started out at Kreation Juice for a production meeting. It's oh so good and fresh!

 I started with a Kombucha, and ordered and extra set of Feel Better juice tonic because for some reason
(drank Burbank tap water from a fountain in the airport?) I had the sickiest belly the entire time I was there!

 This is our fearless leader and instigator of the Healthy Divas, producer, writer and creator Chante Trepte.

 It was her idea to pull together creative forces to create a better way to teach women ways to be healthy in all areas of life.
 Oh just look at all these juices! I felt like a kid in a candy shop. Though this treat shop is for those who want deeply nourishing tonics for healthy minds and bodies.  I'm just itching to order their Master Cleanse!

Now, here are the Healthy Divas. Starting from left to the back of the table, then skip right in the photo and follow to the front where you see me sitting.

First: Jessica Kinni: actress, public speaker, and thriving on a gluten free diet-she is teaching on all the ways and recipes you can thrive in a gluten free lifestyle.

Second:  Jennifer Era Wyatt: body sculpter/spin master/fitness trainer: she is teaching on better fitness.

Third: Chante Trepte: Producer, Writer, and Vitamix master! This lady is leading us on a journey on how to get your family to be excited about healthy choices!

Fourth: Talia Tsunis: Vegan chef, babe and new wrangler of rehab for those who are willing to start the journey.

Fifth: Brittney Castro: creator of Financially Wise Women, this young gal is teaching women on how to financially wise! She has already taught me quite a bit!

Sixth: that's me, Cherelynn-and you are here, so you know my link!

I'm so excited to be on this new journey! I will update a bit here on my blog but the main source for all things Healthy Diva will be on that website:

Phew! Thank goodness I packed my Juice Plus to keep me going. The days were long and wonderful!

Now, stay tuned for the next production day update!

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