Wednesday, January 8, 2014

People's Choice Awards with Miracle Skin Transformer Face Spotlight

Hey ya Cutie,
Hope you are having a super awesome day. I'm at CES in some rockin' awesome heels and outfit-oh, yeah, they hurt. But they look good! Stay tuned for details from the show.

In the meantime, are you tuning in to the People's Choice Awards? I have to go to the awards show here but will be following who wins what online afterwards.

I really hope that someone will be wearing the new Miracle Skin Transformer FACE Spotlight.

Why? Because it's like airbrush finish makeup in a tube!

I just got my sample yesterday and used it for a massive amount of errand running to get ready for CES.
My tired, cold medicine filled skin looked amazing. I put a wee dollop through the center of my face and on the top of my cheek bones. I think in the summer I could wear this alone but for today I put a tinted moisturizer over it.

The Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer Face Spotlight is a 5 in 1 illuminating complexion enhancer with uva/uvb spf 20 in it.

The back of the product says that it flawlessly combines effective anti-aging benefits with light diffusing skin smoothers and sunscreen.

From my experience, I would have to agree!

The product promises to visibly improve skin texture and pore sizes, minimize the appearance of fine lines, reduce the look of pigmentation imperfections, illuminate skin tone and leave skin smooth, airbrushed and with a luminous finish.

Well, that's alot of promises and so far, my experience has been that.
The real test comes the next three days under stress, dry cold conditions, hot lights, pressure, 12 hour days and a perhaps some wine too!  I will be wearing the new FACE spotlight under my makeup and will try using it to touch up with through the day and see how it fares.

I'll update in the comments to let you know!
To get yours visit Ulta and the price is $48.00

P.S. It has mineral pearlized pigments, broad spectrum sunscreen, compliant with the 2013 FDA sunscreen guidelines and is free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, wax, mineral oils and talc. Good news huh!
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