Thursday, January 30, 2014

Healthy Divas update: Erafit Jennifer Wyatt takes the Divas through the paces of a workout

Hey Gorgeous,
Quick update to share some of what the Healthy Divas were learning and preparing for sharing with you.

One of the Divas is none other than celebrity fitness training, spin class master and Lupus butt kicker Jennifer Era Wyatt.

This is our Venice location for a beach body workout!  That's Jenn on the left, Jessica Kinni the actress and gluten free expert, then throwing a W for Wise Women our Financial Expert Brittney Castro and Vegan Chef and Addiction specialist Talia Tsunis.

The ladies are a mixed bag: some love fitness, some would rather get a bikini wax in public than do any amount of exercise. Let's just say-all made it through the workout and liked it to some extent. I loved it!

Jenn Wyatt of Era Fit got us into an easy circuit of isometric exercises with cardio-and none of it required a piece of equipment, gym membership, dvd or fancy pants: simply us and our bodies with the intent to get healthy!

 Book Jenn and Erafit now for your best red carpet, prom, spring break and beach body!

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