Wednesday, April 2, 2014

beauty ADDICTS Hydra SUNRays matte bronzing powder

Hello Sweet Gorgeous,
Most importantly, hello from home.
Oh home sweet home. Absence does make the heart grow fonder, for home that is! I'm here. I'm in my command center arm chair with the foot rest up and a pair of fat cats on my lap! There literally are tails in my keyboard!

(This is a picture of my Heaven sent cats Shadrach & Abednego when they were wee kittens, now they are large adults but my camera and phone are not in reach because I have "cat paralysis-that state where they care comfy and I can't move!)

My Mancub is at school and I am having a moment to rest and relax,catch up and plan!

I'll finally be on my Twitter today for chit chats-so join me at @Cherelynn.

Now, I mentioned yesterday about the beauty ADDICTS Face 2 Face Creme to Powder Foundations and how they have made this long week of travel bearable and a bit fun!

So now I need to introduce you to beauty ADDICTS Hydra SUNRays Matte Bronzing Powder.

Now, you know I loves me some bronzer and it's a staple in my everyday makeup look and I'm pretty sure that for most day makeup looks, brides and proms and makeup lessons, I teach and apply bronzer!
It's the most versatile product,ever!

 Here's a bit about the beauty ADDICTS Hydra SUNRays matte bronzing powder:

Capture the sun all year round with our groundbreaking ultra-sheer, perfectly neutral, matte bronzing powder. Formulated with pure pearl powder to stimulate cell renewal and packed with green tea and vitamins A, C, D and B5. 
Buildable coverage in one flawless shade.

The best thing about this matte bronzer is that it is buildable. I put a sheer wash on before my foundation-and that looked good.

Then, I tried putting a contoured approach after my foundation had set and I loved it! It looked so Hawaii!

So then I put a sheer wash over my entire face with foundation blended over in the \'contour'/ spots and I liked that look too, it was very romantic looking with a sheer pink gloss and dark navy mascara.

Phew! I've been playing with this for a week now and loving it!

Get yours and learn more at !

p.s. Yes, I will get a You Tube video made of this product and the foundations just as soon as these fat cats get up!

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