Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Klout: Do you? I do!

Happy Hump Day Gorgeous!
Today, I am chaperoning my son's field trip and I used a Klout Perk to start the day off-with interest and uniqueness. On Klout, I'm  How about you?

 So McDonald's partnered with Klout to share some perks to people who may not normally go to the Golden Arches. Like me. I missed the free coffee dates but that was my fault not theirs!

 The coffee is truly what intrigued me and brought me to the local McDonalds to use my Arch card with $5.00 preloaded for me to use. I ordered a small sugar free vanilla latte. See it in the photo next to the prior drink stains and straw wrappers.

 My son loves sausage so he got the Egg McMuffin with sausage. The total bill for coffee and sandwich was $6.10. The coffee was really good and I was quite surprised. The sandwich, well-no offense, my family eats very clean, so this was a deviation from our normal menu.

Was it bad? No. It was hot, seemed fresh and cooked thoroughly with a soft muffin. It's just not something that we normally eat. We each took a few bites and then switched to our raw bars.

I know that summer vacation is coming, as are family road trips. Well, I can honestly say, that now when I see the Golden Arches, I know I  can get a good coffee and possibly a sandwich. Sometimes when you are on the road in remote areas, those Arches are like a beacon.

Thank you Klout and McDonalds for a meal and a memory! Learn more about McDonald's at and sign up for Klout at !
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