Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter seaboard manicure with Pure ICE

Oh Gorgeous,
Do I ever have a delicate and gorgeous nail polish for you! The new collection from Pure ICE is so perfect for Easter, Prom, and weddings even!

 These new colors are in the $2 range and are so sheer and pretty. I have layered on two coats in the photo-but can hardly wait to use in a french manicure style and over some fave nude polishes.

The Sparkling Seas collection is a multi-faceted 3-D effect nail polish.
 The blue is called: Sparkling Seas
The green is called: Sea Glass
The pink is called Mer-Magical

That is the best way to describe these polishes, they truly are magical! I'm wearing mine aboard the Queen Mary for Easter.

What type of manicure are you wearing? To learn more, visit Pure ICE on Facebook here:

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