Monday, April 21, 2014

State of Infection by Michael J. Frey: get ready for summer reading!

 Hi ya Gorgeous!
We are officially back from our Passover Easter celebration aboard the Queen Mary. Let's just say I'm pooped! We were so busy the entire time exploring every nook and cranny of the boat-who is also known as the Grey Ghost.

I did get a wee bit of downtime on board to do some reading. I enjoyed this book about zombies from author Michael J. Frey, State of Infection.

 I read a lot and its usually non fiction, so it was fun to have a zombie book for vacation. The book is available on  Amazon and off it's own website for $9.99. It's a fast read at 264 pages.

There is an element of history in State of Infection, which I love learning about-hence we are on the Grey Ghost for the weekend.

I have two strong opinions:
1) The research into the infection and descriptions of it are amazing and make for a colorful read of medical knowledge and zombies. I think the author's career choice is shining in his vivid writing.

2) Some parts are pornographic and read too sexual. It is gratuitous in my opinion, narrows the reading demographic, and what does that have to do with zombies and the end of the world as we know it?

But, for the price and size, State of Infection can make for a quick, cheap read to fill an hour on a ship while waiting for a tour. Get yours on Amazon with a Kindle price of $7.99.

" But long before the zombie infection, during the First Civil War, Doctor William Jackson (of the Confederate States of America) is trying to unravel the mystery behind this strange new sickness. He knows that if Complex P fails to work, there could be devastating consequences which might influence the future of mankind."

About the author:
Michael Frey is a physician and assistant professor in New York City. He has been published numerous times as a short storyist and poet, but this is his first zombie novel. He lives in Somers, New York with his wife Jessica, two children and two dogs.

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