Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jane Carter Solution: RE*Store moisture mist #ThrowbackThursday

Hi ya Gorgeous!

How's your Passover and Easter celebrations going? Mine. In one word, awesome. Or maybe amazing?

So as I travel to the ocean, there is no need to pack this #ThrowbackThursday product with me, though I sure wish I had it with me in Phoenix last week! I'm still healing up the hydration vortex of the Valley of the Sun.

Meet, or may I reintroduce you to Jane Carter Solution RE*Store moisture mist. I wish I had it in Phoenix, but I didn't. So since I have been home I have used it throughout the day all over my skin and hair to super hydrate and get back to normal!

Thank you Jane!  You can find this misty miracle in a bottle at Target and Ulta for about $15.00
Go get some! Summer is coming!

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