Monday, April 7, 2014

Post ACM and pre-prom Nailtini nail polish with Love Roxie

Howdy Gorgeous
Happy Monday to you!
So, the ACM's were amazing!

Now let's talk prom. All over the state of Arizona, there are young girls getting ready for prom. A manicure and matching pedicure is a must for a perfect, pulled together prom look.

I just did my nails with the Nailtini "The Lacquer Cabinet" February edition from Love, Roxie

In The Lacquer Cabinet is a monthly polish mixology collection. There are three colors and two bottles that you can mix your own "nailtini" in.

 I like mixing up colors between fingers. I started with Pink Clover Club. The collection came with the tip: Starting heavier at the cuticle and tapering off toward the tip, dapple Head Over Heels over Pink Clover Club to create a dazzling ombre. Well, I didn't quite pull that off but I did get a good mix and pretty manicure.

Second I put on the Valentini and I must say, I love this color! It's my current pedicure! The tip for this color is: Shape nails into a modified stiletto and add a Pink Clover Club chevron over a Valentini base for nails that give pretty pink an edge.

More tips:
When mixing polishes, it is best to blend like polish types - i.e., creams with creams, pearls with pearls, glitters with glitters. Start with the color you want to be dominant and mix in others little by little til desired effect.

For prom-pick a Nailtini that fits your prom look!
The collection is available for a limited time on Nailtini website for $25.00 !

Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!