Wednesday, April 9, 2014

NAB 2013 in Las Vegas-so much to see...

Hello Gorgeous!
Quick recap from yesterday's very full NAB 2014 in Las Vegas. Wow. Technology has come along way baby when it comes to film!

 Look at what's new at BlackMagic and will be ready for retail this summer...yep, that's a scanner and cleaner that converts to digital.
 Now I'm at AJA and this is a super light, durable, ergonomic camera-it's awesome!
 Holy smokes-this is one of my favorite things that I saw at the show. It's a real time dailies machine that is liquid cooled and portable, and keeps what's happening on set and what's happening in post tied together.
 The demo was great and I can not get over the size of it!
 Ah, it's unseasonably hot. It's too early to be this hot in Vegas! Even though I am already sweaty from the hot convention center, I have made it outside to see the Patriots Jet Team. The only civilian owned six aircraft aerobatic jet team in the United States.
 The Patriots Jet Team pilots are former members of elite military teams. All except the one in the jet in this photo! It was so awesome!
 Speaking of awesome, here is what is not. I'm tired! I sat down for a moment to rest my boots and reconfigure my afternoon schedule. That's when I noticed this sign. By the way, myself and 50 other people were all sitting on the stairs!
 Now I am inside the Lennon Bus which is a traveling sound stage and recording studio dedicated to the passionate pursuit of music a 'la John Lennon. This was nice.
 The bus is on tour and can be scheduled for an event if you are interested, so check 'em out!

 This by the way, is super cool and I want one to visit my next event! See the movie theater? Great screen, great sound, comfy seat and super air conditioned. Guess what?
 It is all inside the truck! It's a semi-truck rolling theater! I love it!
 Time for me to go back inside for a super session that I was really interested: The New Frontier-cross platform content-where broadcast meets online. AOL, Conde Nast, You Tube, Mashable and the tv show Right Now were on the panel and had some great insights but no true answer as to when the online market is going to be financially viable for all involved.
 Day is over! I'm so tired. Though the day was so good. I'm looking forward to what's next at NAB.
I'm also curious to see how people look because as I was leaving the convention center floor, there were the Twitter pop up bars and parties everywhere!

 Ok NAB, ready set go for the next adventure!
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