Sunday, November 1, 2015

How to prepare for marathon style with Scunci and Ban Total Refresh.

 Happy November Gorgeous!
Where does the time go?
How can it be November?
There are now only 54 days til Christmas and I still have shopping to do!

That's crazy!

 That also means that there are now 14 days left until I run the Las Vegas Rock n Roll marathon.
So let's just say that I am super excited and looking forward to it!
Especially with my new visor from Scunci!

This visor is beyond awesome. It has a firm bill, but the stretchy headband is wide for holding securely in place while also being cool and wickng away head sweat while running and comfy!

I love it and only wish that I had a sample in pink to match my socks and shoes laces!

 You can find a Scunci headband like this at mass retailers everywhere in the $10 price range.

Now this is the Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloth and it's perfect for desk, purse, backpack, car glove compartment and anywhere that you may need to do a quick change freshen up to switch from one mode to the other.

I love 'em! I have these in my car and also in my running pack so that after the marathon, I can do a quick wipe and freshen up for the rest of the events.

Ban body cloths are available at mass retailers and are good for anytime and anywhere! These cost about $5.

How about you-any big plans for the holidays coming up?

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