Thursday, July 21, 2011

Atopalm with MLE for dry sensitive summer skin cleansing in a foam
How to Get the Perfect Pro Blowout

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How to Get the Perfect Pro Blowout

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Hello Gorgeous!
July is half way over and so is summer-if your skin has been parched by the sun and you want to try a foaming cleanser that is gentle to sun dried skin, try Atopalm with MLE.

MLE is multi lamellar emulsion and it's a plant derived ingredient mix that mimic's skin's natural structure and helps restore the protective moisture system.
I used it and it did remove the makeup and sunscreen I was wearing while leaving my skin feeling clean but not dry and tight.
Atopalm is safe for sensitive skin too-so learn more and get some from
p.s. it's paraben free too!
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