Friday, July 15, 2011

Tattooed by Inky-in Sudden Freedom = delicious summer scent
How to Repair Your Summer-Stressed Hair

Summer activities can seriously harm your hair. Here's how to reverse the damage now

How to Repair Your Summer-Stressed Hair

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As much as we all love the sun, it can be bad news for beautiful hair. It strips color, causes split ends, and zaps moisture. Find out how to repair the damage with these expert tips.

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Hello Gorgeous!
How is your summer going? It's July 15th-officially the half way mark of the month and of the summer.
In Arizona, school gets back in August 15th. I'm already working on 'back to school' beauty stories!
Though lets not rush into things-there are still plenty of fun filled summer days and nights to enjoy before getting back into the school schedule.

Now, to scent these fun filled adventures that you maybe planning-try some light body spray which is perfect for refreshing after a sweating.

This is a new fragrance by 'Tattooed by Inky' and it comes in 5 scents total; 1 unisex, 2 for men and 2 for women. This particular purple bottle is called Sudden Freedom. Great. Just what I need hours before I leave for a wee weekend vacay in Las Vegas.

It's a sweet floral and I put mine in the refrigerator so when I walked in sweating, I could spritz a cool mist of sweet scent on!

Now, right now you can get these for $5.99 in Arizona at Biglots! and Bealls Outlets. I would like to see it carried in Hot Topic of Tilly's because that is certainly the market for it. I'm glad I got a sample because I nearly never shop in either of those stores!

So I"m going to continue to enjoy my Tattooed by Inky Sudden Freedom and you get yours at a store near you. There are more retail options on the website at

You know, this would also do well as a vendor at tattoo conventions. Just sayin'!
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