Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Holy scrubbin' mackerel-scales off and then some with Stretch Bath & Shower Gloves
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Your Perfect Summer Perfume

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Hola amigos!

This brand, T.Taio is super popular in Mexico and a sample has come to the blog to test.

Now you know I love a good exfoliation-and these gloves have a really good mix of texture and a longer loop on the glove giving it a deep scrubbing feel.

I like mine and the Stretch Bath and Shower gloves have been genius for using after being out in the summer elements and to scrub off the layers of sunscreen.
But don't take my word for it-find out for yourself by visiting the website at
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I Love said...

Thank you for posting about T.TAiO products and for all of your other great info.

Keith said...

Thanks for your getting out this info about T.TAiO products and for taking the time to share your honest thoughts about this and more.

Cherelynn said...

Super welcome friends! I love finding a new beauty bargain like the gloves. Make it great today!