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Photo tutorial for Peggy Carter in Marvel Studios Captain America: The First Avenger
The Best Hairstyles for Your 30s

The wrong cut can make you look matronly -- or like you're trying too hard. Here, the hairstyle dos and don'ts once you reach your third decade

The Best Hairstyles for Your 30s

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OK, so you're not exactly old, but the carefree days (and looks) of your 20s are gone. With those beer-guzzling and shameless sun-tanning days behind you, it's time to match your hairstyle to your age. Find inspiration in these celebrity dos and don'ts to find a look that's cute and age appropriate.

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Hello Gorgeous!
Are you ready to get your Peggy Carter on?
The video for this look is posted on YouTube now...but in case you prefer a slower approach-here are the photos step by step.
I like to watch Julia Child cook-but I can never do the steps as fast as she does! And no, I have never
boned a duck!

First, apply Too Faced eye primer Insurance to the lids to make a smooth canvass to work on.

Second: apply your foundation-which ever is your favorite and right now I'm really enjoying the Sheer Cover mineral spf 15 makeup.
Eyebrows are next! Look at the picture of Peggy Carter and follow along!

That is my favorite thing about eyebrows and why I do not tattoo mine on. I like to be able to draw them on in different sizes, shapes and colors. I'm using Sophia by Brow Diva for my brows with a slant tip brush.
Next, I begin my eye makeup with the Smashbox spring palette. I know, I need to get a new one because I have used this one to the dickens!

The eyeshadow is 3 steps:
1. Light bone color under brow and through tear duct area
2. Taupe brown (semi matte shadow) is all over the lid
3. Crease has a wee bit of grey for depth

Liquid eyeliner is a key factor to this look! Almost as key as the red matte mouth and marcelled hair!
Your liquid liner can be Wet n Wild, Lash Food like mine or a wet slant tip brush in a black shadow-just make sure you make a normal eyeliner and not a cat like line because it wouldn't match Peggy Carter's look!

I am applying the Sheer Cover blush duo in Pinched/Ginger directly under the cheek bone. Not in the hollow-not on the apple- just a wee smudge of color to contour my face with a whisper of color near the apple of the cheek. Use any muted pink/brown tone you have at home.
Put on mascara! Lashes if you've got 'em!
Finish this look with a really good matte red lipstick!
In the photo, I'm wearing Makeup Designory LADYBUG, but Lorac Explore is an excellent buttery red matte as well as the budget friendly Wet n Wild Mega Matte lipsticks. Try 006!

Now, here I am in my marcelled hair, liquid liner and matte red mouth-Peggy Carter ready for Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger!

Below there is a movie poster picture of Hayley Atwell, the actress who plays Peggy Carter - the look is pretty close!
Enjoy the movie and post your pics of your own Peggy Carter look!
p.s. Oh golly I could pinch myself! I had the opportunity to buy an Army uniform jacket just like that and didn't! Argh! Grr!
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