Monday, July 25, 2011

LUSH: Volcano! Joy Jelly! Tea Tree and me!
Get Rid of Summer Beauty Bummers

Frizzy hair, puffy skin, and redness -- oh my! See how to fix these summer bummers fast

Get Rid of Summer Beauty Bummers

This is a sun care article

We're enjoying the beach weekends and barbeques, but with the good comes the bad -- and sadly, summer's heat wreaks havoc on our skin and hair. Want to see our best tips for fighting these common summer beauty bummers? Check 'em out here.

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Hello my dear and gorgeous friends!
Today, there is a short video review of some summer products from LUSH that will help you blast through the final dog days of summer and prepare you to launch into the busy back to school season.
I know around here in my house, we are very ready for back to school.
Anything you see in the video is from LUSH and you can learn more, or order your own by visiting:
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