Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1 Million by paco rabanne for a Valentine's gift both can enjoy

The 7 Easiest At-Home Beauty Gadgets

You don't have to be tech-savvy to enjoy the latest breakthroughs in beauty. We've rounded up tools so easy to use, a caveman could master 'em

The 7 Easiest At-Home Beauty Gadgets

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We live in a world where a new and improved (read: more complicated) product is released every month, and the gadgets in the grooming department are no exception. Many at-home beauty gadgets look intimidating -- especially if you're not a tech-savy. But that doesn't mean you have to miss out. We've rounded up the best beauty gadgets of 2013 that even the most tech-challenged among us can easily master. So, skip the pricey spa appointments and invest in one of these innovations.

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Well hello Gorgeous Oui oui-muah muah!
That literally is my best french. Sad. I know. Moving on. Oh holy moly am I ever the blessed queen of all things fragrance. I love the paco rabanne Lady Million scent because to me that's what M from James Bond would smell like. Not Miss Dior or Chanel-Lady Million by paco rabanne.

So imagine my delight with a superb sample of 1 Million by paco rabanne for Valentine's Day gifts; to give and to get. Why I title this post as a Valentine's Day gift that both can enjoy is becasue this smell is so complex in it's dry down that I had to keep sniffing and re-sniffing it on my self.

Many reviews that I have read have just simply termed it "sexy". Hmm, for once, I have to agree. Get your love some 1 Million and it's a gift for him and for you to savor the scent of! Details on the notes below, available at Sephora, Macy's and all over on line with price ranges hovering in the upper $90's for the 6.7 ounce bottle of eau de toilette.

This high-impact fragrance creates a multi-facetted signature of masculinity. The freshness of grapefruit invites you into this audacious scent, combining in the top notes with mint and blood mandarin. Striking and assertive middle notes follow with a refined yet virile combination of rose, cinnamon, and spicy notes. The base notes evoke the ultimate velvety harmony of leather, white wood, amber and Indonesian patchouli essences. Once combined, the result is not merely one fragrance but an elegant, one-of-a kind intermingling of essences.

For the iconic bottle, the house of Paco Rabanne tapped the famous industrial designer NoƩ Duchaufour-Lawrance. Referencing Rabanne's legendary use of metallic colors in fashion, this bottle reinterprets the simple yet breathtakingly beautiful bar of gold. Its "Wild West" type design is a masculine tribute to the pioneers of our childhood memories.

Frosted Grapefruit, Blood Mandarin, Peppermint, Rose Absolute, Musk, Cinnamon Bark, Blond Leather, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, White Wood, Amber Ketal.
Fresh. Spicy. Leather.

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Anonymous said...

Paco Rabanne fragrance it one of my most favorite perfume of all times both for men and women. One can't go wrong in gifting to a love one. Great pick pretty lady :)