Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Golden Globes: is L'Occitane Honey Whipped Body Cream in the swag bag?
6 Products That'll Make You Look Like A Morning Person

You may never feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the a.m., but these products will certainly help your fake it

6 Products That'll Make You Look Like A Morning Person

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Don't worry, this isn't one of those stories where we dole out advice on how to get a better night's sleep or openly judge your addiction to caffeine. The truth is, no matter how early you hit the sack or how hard you try to avoid the snooze button, some of us just aren't morning people. The solution? Fake it. From under eye concealers to dry shampoos, there are tons of handy products that work miracles in the morning. Keep reading to see which ones you should try now.

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Hello Gorgeous! What do you think of the 2013 Golden Globe Awards ?


And I quote from the blog Fashion Tribe who has written a comprehensive list and description of exactly what is in the 2013 Hollywood Golden Globes swag bag:

 "The Golden Globe nominees will receive tons of SWAG at a top secret location in Los Angeles this weekend. When the celebrities acknowledge the gifts by Tweeting, Hollywood Swag Bag will auction off SWAG and proceeds will benefit the celebrities' charity of choice.

Celebrities will not feel bad to accept luxurious purses by Liucia Japan, or Alueur candles because they know they are doing good in the process.

Nominees will also be receiving gift certificates to Heart & Stone Jewelry, earbuds and iPhone covers by Incipio and darby's English toffee. “You too can win one of these fantastic bags by following us on Twitter @SwagGivesBack

 Other gifts inside the bag include a 7 day healthy eating meal delivery service by The Fresh Diet, April Marin Fashion. Linquet will insure they never lose their phone or valuables. A favorite among the nominees is Moor Skin Care and FiaFini Skin Care who are offering their top products.

Sweet Megan creates the most amazing gluten, dairy and soy free truffles. Bootzie Oil has come all the way from Maui to leave its divine scent behind. Stance LLC is adding Forty9 Fifty5 Flowy Off-Shoulder Long-Sleeve Tee, IndigoH2O will keep celebrities' thirst quenched, Food Should Taste Good is adding its signature Sweet Potato Chips, and the Republic of Tea is gifting nominees its limited edition Anna Karenina Tea, get gorgeous and get hydrated teas.

Bioxidea Miricle 24 will ensure glowing skin with its amazing mask. Sundicators wants everyone to be sun safe with sun safety bracelets."

 These are really great gifts and I would love to have them, though I really think this entire bag of goodies could benefit from the amazing skin products from L'Occitane. Let's face it, L'Occitane has the best hand creme ever!

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