Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine's Day parfum: Jus D'Amour for the eclectic fragrance lover
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Hello Gorgeous
Oh you know I love fragrance especially when I find a rare treasure. Something that is not mass produced or worn by everyone in a country block. That new find is Jus D'Amour by Parfums Mercedes.

My wee gift arrived in a sumptuous purple pouch with a satin draw string and inside was a wee bottle with a roller ball applicator and inside is a thick oil of parfum that is part board room and part bedroom and all vacation. In my humble opinion that is.

Yes I have some favorites from large houses de parfums-but this is a rare treat and I encourage you, oh wait, not too many of you-but some of you to indulge in this secret scent that will linger on your skin and in the memories of those aroused around you. I dare you to!
Jus D'Amour (LOVE)
Jus D’Amour is the Essence of Love, a Timeless, Romantic Blend of Fresh Coco Palm and Aqualeaf Accord, Gentle Violet and Night Blooming Jasmine, Rich Tahitian Vanilla and Deep Sandalwood, for the Most Scentual of Moods!

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