Tuesday, January 22, 2013

VAULT lip gloss: push pump click your way to beautiful lips

Bundling up during the chilly season isn't enough to prevent cracked nails or a scaly scalp. Get to the root of the problem with these solutions for your biggest winter beauty bummers

Expert-Approved Solutions for Your Winter Beauty Woes
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Let's face it: When you're enjoying beautiful fall weather, the last thing you're thinking about is stocking up on heavy-duty moisturizing products for the winter. Then, before you know it, winter arrives and you're left with flaky, itchy skin. To help you make it through the skin-sabotaging winter season, we asked top nutritionists and dermatologists for the best solutions for a variety of winter beauty woes.

Hello Gorgeous!
Listen here, I love innovative products and the lip brush lip gloss is not new-BUT the Vault lip gloss with lip brush that snaps in and out easily and nearly hands free is!

I'm wearing triple espresso and the "push pump click" application is fun! Vault is made in the United States and is cruelty free and in my opinion the easiest application of lip product while half way down the mountain in snowy conditions!

Below I have posted a wee bit more about the product and a discount code too! It's only $16.00 but you can save even more! Visit www.vaulticon.com to find out how!
Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss


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