Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Aveeno BB cream and Aveeno ultra calming makeup removing wipes: simple spring break beauty

Hello Gorgeous from the cold and foggy spring break beach! Though it has been cold and foggy in the San Diego area for spring break, it has still been fun. We have spent some good times running along the sandy beach and playing in the frigid water temperatures.

Luckily I have some new Aveeno Active Naturals ultra-calming makeup removing wipes with me because it was soft and soothing on my cold wind chapped face. Even though I am playing at the beach I still have some makeup on. These wipes removed the sunscreen, BB cream, bronzer and made a dent in the eyeliner and mascara I was wearing. It was a water resistant formula so that could be the reason why the mascara didn't wipe off easily.

The BB cream is amazing! It blends well, gives a light sheer coverage of tint and has sunscreen too! If you enjoy the Aveeno brand be sure and pick up these items! They are in the $10 and under range and available at mass retailers everywhere!

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