Friday, March 22, 2013

Too much triathlon training got ya stiff? Get ZIM's!

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Now see this lovely trio of products? Let's all just thank God for these right now because I have been gone on spring break with my son. Yes, we swam, and ran, and played and walked a circle in Legoland that seemed like 100 times or more! But that's not why I show you these.

It's triathlon and race season in Arizona and I love to do a tri to keep my girlish figure and because I am bullishly competitive.

So instead of being gentle on myself and easing back into training I promptly ran 6 miles, biked 20 and then did my Insanity dvd. Twice.

Ouch. Wince. Ouch. Burn. Sting!

These came as samples to the blog but I had no idea I would be testing them so soon and in such need! I know. I know. Massive workouts and over training is how you get injured ( ask me how I know) and doesn't speed up the endurance and strength test of a body any faster than spacing out workouts with the much needed and required rest time in between.

What can I say? I'm a grip and rip it kind of gal.

Zim's Max-Freeze organic ilex, aloe and arnica with vitamin e and tea tree oil is a greaseless with vanishing scent gel formula that feels amazing on the top of the thigh after too much biking. I put it on my bum over my bike shorts to cool down my aching bottom!

The Max Heat is for arthritis and stiffness relief in muscle or joints. So I don't have arthritis but I sure do have stiffness in my calf muscles! Especially my right calf that was torn last year. I love the roller ball applicator because I can dig in to the muscle and massage the heat relief in.

Zim's crack creme is a unique herbal skin care spray with arnica and myrcia oil. It's a liquid that you spray on to a cracked cuticle and it's a fairly quick relief and barrier to a throbbing pain. I have cracked cuticles for many reasons but not as severe as a cement worker which is why the product was developed over 60 years ago.

Zim's thank you for sending these samples! They helped tremendously! To restock myself I'm going to get mine on the Zim's website, though you can also put in your zip code to find a retailer near you.  All of the products are in the $10 or under range. Not bad for fast pain relief!

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Jennifer Cook said...

Hi, this blog is really amazing and provide me answers to all my questions. This is really informative and I will for sure refer my friends the same. Thanks.

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Cherelynn said...

Hi Miss Jennifer-thanks so much for the kind words!

Matthew said...

Don't overdo the mileage at the beginning. It might feel like you have to be hitting the ground running out of the gate but you will hurt yourself. Take it easy and lay a base. It might be tough but it is the best way to become a strong triathlete.

triathlon training for beginners

Cherelynn said...

Matthew-thanks for the comment-I love the mileage! It's my favorite part!