Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FNS Nutrilash Lash & Brow Enhancer by Osmotics Cosmeceuticals

 Hello Gorgeous!
I love a product that works as promised!
I have been testing my sample of Osmotics Cosmeceuticals FNS Nutrilash Lash & Brow Enhancer. The best thing about the product is it's individual tubes ( ampoules) for the week with 7 clean applicators. Nothing grosses me out more than cross contamination!  This product is $48, making it more affordable than some of the other eyelash enhancers on the market.

For me, the chance to condition my lashes and strengthen them before getting my summer eyelash extensions on (This is my answer to wearing waterproof mascara at the waterpark or beach-just put extensions on instead) is worth the extra step in my nightly skincare routine and the bit of added expense.

I used FNS Nutrilash nightly and as promised, I began to see improvements. The first thing I noticed was that I no longer found lashes on my cheeks each time I cleansed my face. The elimination of my daily lash fall out made it worth continuing use of the product, so I purchased an additional 3 month supply, and as you know I've been using it faithfully ever since. I recommend your Nutrilash to everyone who comments on my lashes, when I'm out and about. Some have even asked me if I get lash extensions!"  -Lyn 
Your lashes are starving… Nourish them naturally with Osmotics FNS Nutrilash Lash and Brow Enhancer
What is it?
FNS Nutrilash features the same breakthrough technology found in Osmotics’ award winning Follicle Nutrient Serum for fine and thinning hair. Based on ground breaking research in wound healing, this proprietary mixture of vitamins, minerals and amino acids provides the essential nutrients for growing strong, healthy lashes and brows.
What are the benefits?
  • Promotes fuller, thicker, healthier more beautiful lashes and brows
  • All natural, patented formula strengthens and conditions
  • Provides essential nutrients for maximum growth
  • Non-irritating/ocular tested - Hygienic, single dose applicators
Who is it for?
Anyone wanting thicker, fuller, longer lashes and brows.  Osmotics FNS Nutrilash is especially beneficial for people with thinning eyelashes and eyebrows.  Great for sensitive skin!

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