Thursday, March 21, 2013

Saying good bye to spring break with NYC HD Color trio & NYC Applelicious glossy balms

Well hi dee ho sweet Gorgeous! Spring break is coming to an end-sad, but true. The fun has to end and thank goodness. I'm so tired from all this fun that I need to get home and rest!

 Our final day here we have a good bye bbq to go to and I think I am going to create a smoky plum eye with this NYC HD Color trio of eye shadow #785 Central Park Plums.

 Then accent my lips with the new NYC Applelicious lip balm in Apple Plum for a bbq ready mouth. These new lip balms are a MUST HAVE for your spring break and summer look. Why? Because it tastes good, is a sheer shine and only $5!

 So say good bye to the beach for now and all the cold foggy weather! Home to the desert and already near 100 degree heat! Gotta love Arizona!

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The Top 25 Best Nail Polish Names Of All Time

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