Sunday, June 23, 2013

Peace Soap by Kiss My Face is a perfect cure for summer fun filled hands

Hello Gorgeous!

 Oh the fun of summer! My house is busy and on the go, and getting the family to stop and wash properly to combat germs and bacteria is a battle! Though, the light scent and fun foam of these Kiss My Face Peace Soaps keeps the kids washing! Thank you Kiss My Face for making natural, healthy and cruelty free products!

Lavender Mandarin Self Castile Foaming Soap

Castile Peace Soaps


Simple is definitely better. All it takes is a few natural ingredients to make up this perfect soap for body, bath, hands and more. We adore the incredible natural scents and so do the hundreds of consumers who compared us to other leading castile soaps.


10% of profits support Seeds of Peace, bringing together teens from countries of conflict to foster a new generation of leaders. Plus Peace Soap is biodegradable for a healthier planet.

These sell for $6.49 for 8 ounces and there are several scents to choose from! Get one for each bathroom because kids love 'em!  Get some on their website!

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