Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thymes AZUR for Father's Day gift or anytime gift!

Hello Gorgeous,
Father's Day is around the corner-wow, how did it get to be mid June so fast? Thymes AZUR is the perfect Father's Day gift because in my opinion it smells like lemons at the ocean with a salty twist and makes me think of surfers, dog walks, volleyball and a margarita by the sea.

The Thymes Azur comes in a complete collection for the body: bath bar, bath gel, bath bubbles, body fragrance, and a packet of bath salts. This scent is so clean and green, it's perfectly suited to a dad.

Oh, and me. I like it too!  The lotion is just $25.00 and available at the website and at fine apothecaries everywhere. Enjoy!

Azur Body Lotion

Nourish your skin with the restorative energy of the sea. This moisturizing body cream combines skin-conditioning sea nutrients, blended with hydrating glycerin and shea butter, to leave skin radiant.

Fragrance Notes:
White tea, water lily, jasmine, bergamot, sweet amber, vanilla, and musk

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