Saturday, June 8, 2013

Prestige Bronzer and waterproof mascara at EDC in Las Vegas

 Hi ya Gorgeous! Happy Saturday to all the fun happening in Las Vegas at the EDC!

Electric Daisy Carnival is in it's 17th year! Can you believe it? If you have never been, buy your ticket now for next year because it sells out almost immediately once tickets are released for the next 3 day event out at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Just look at all those bodies dancing in the heat of a summer Vegas night! Remember, it only gets down to the low 80's!

So you are going to need some makeup to hold up your fun and funky look! Try Prestige cosmetics, which are available at Ulta. I suggest the bronzer and some waterproof mascara! Try these:

Sun Flower Illuminating Bronzing Powder


and even though I don't normally recommend a waterproof mascara, this time, it's a necessity!

There will be sweating en mass at this event, so if you want to prevent the racoon look, invest in some Prestige  My Waterproof Lashes on your way to the bus that is going to shuttle you out to the event.

Just $6.95 !

Have fun and be safe out there!
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