Saturday, June 29, 2013

RG Cell anti-aging serum: a few drops will do ya!

Howdy Gorgeous on this beautiful Saturday!

I have had one of the most unique samples ever to play with from RG-Cell! It's so clinical looking, yet easy to use. It's a light texture and absorbs rapidly.

I found the small nib applicator to small for me so I took that part off and just poured a larger amount out onto my fingertips to press into my skin.

To use, I washed my face, then applied RG-Cell with my fingertips to the areas of concern to me, meaning marionette lines and crows feet areas.  I let it dry then applied my moisturizer. 

RG Cell Skin

RG-Cell is a stem cell activator of the first magnitude, and unlike other products on the market, it has more than one activator in it. These activators, also known as cytokines (sigh-toe-kines) are capable of turning on stem cells. They are capable of getting sleepy stem cells to wake up and move to areas of damaged skin, where they are most needed. They are capable of replenishing stem cells in their nests by a process called clonal expansion, so you don't run out of young, fresh, active stem cells   $99.99 per bottle

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