Saturday, June 15, 2013

Supergoop! City & Sand sunscreen tote is a must for weekend fun and then some!

 Howdy Hot Stuff and welcome to the weekend! Sunscreen is the secret to youth! Are you wearing some?

I love the Doctor T's Supergoop! city sunscreen serum because it wears beautifully underneath my foundation. This lil' kit has a lip balm with sunscreen, a city sunscreen serum, a day cream and a face and body sunscreen that moisturizes. 

I love sunscreen and I know, I preach sunscreen constantly. I'm telling you-put it on your hands because when you drive your hands are in the direct sun. Your lips need sunscreen because they are always out in front!

If for any reason you can't get your hands on this kit-then get some of the products individually!

The kit is $35.00 and worth every penny because the products can be used on the whole family!

Now listen here Gorgeous, get on the hunt for this lil' tote bag full of a summer's worth of sunscreen that goes from work to play and home to vacation. Sephora is currently sold out of it but Amazon has some! Get it!
Why? Because you need to wear sunscreen, daily, if you live on the  planet Earth.

Product Description

A wonderful value, all-in-one set featuring Supergoop's top sun protection essentials. Set includes all that is needed to prepare and protect your skin for city and beach living in an adorable white terry beach travel tote, perfect for carrying sun protection must haves!

SPF 30+ City Sunscreen serum for travel,
SPF 30+ Mintfusion lip balm,
SPF 30+ Everyday UV Lotion for face and body,
SPF 40 Antioxidant infused sunscreen day cream

Important Information


SPF 30+ SUNSCREEN SERUM: UNIPROTECT PT-3:Clinical studies with Uniprotect PT-3 revealed a 78% reduction inUV-induced oxidation (which leads to wrinkles, age spots and skinroughness). After 48 hours, UV-induced redness is reduced by upto 32%HYDROVOTIN 24:One of the key signs of aging is skin dehydration. City SunscreenSerum not only addresses this concern with a unique hydrationcomplex but also provides the needed year-round SPF.

SPF 30+ MINTFUSION LIP BALM:PARSOL 1789 and PARSOL SLXProvides protection from long-wavelength UVA rays and boosts UVB protectionOCTINOXATEUV absorber of short-wavelength UVB raysSHEA BUTTERProvides deep, instant hydrationVITAMINS E AND CTopical antioxidant-rich extracts to protect from free radicals triggered by sunlight, tobacco smoke, and smog; encourages cell renewal

SPF 30+ EVERYDAY UV LOTION:PARSOLPowerful, broad-spectrum UV protection that doesn't leave a residue to make skin feel heavySP3 COMPLEXCombination of UV screening agents that give theproduct high water resistance (up to 80 minutes) and photostability to prevent degrading in sunlightVITAMIN E
Antioxidant-rich extract to protect from free radicalstriggered by sunlight, tobacco smoke, and smog

SPF 40 SUNSCREEN DAY CREAM:Loaded with super antioxidant, anti-inflammatory olive oilpolyphenols combined with pomegranate and green tea extracts improves skin cell renewal and elasticity. Delivers anti-aging and skin-restorative benefits with each full body application postcleansing and exfoliation.

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