Monday, June 10, 2013

Supergoop! City sunscreen serum spf 30_ what the crew of Star Trek Enterprise use for space travel and Klingon battle

So Gorgeous,
You know, it's my supreme opinion that Supergoop! spf 30 City Sunscreen Serum is what the crew of the Star Trek Enterprise use for their space exploration.

I love, love ,love the movie and it's odd, but I have seen the movie several times. Some to watch and some to look and a bit to see what is going on frame by frame.
 Supergoop! - SPF 30+ City Sunscreen Serum With Uniprotect PT-3

Do you do that too? See a movie more than once in the theatre so the second time ( or maybe third and fourth) you can look at the movie?

Nonetheless, I love the Supergoop! sunscreen and now more so than before. Why?

Because the first time I tried the product it was a wee wipe. Which was nice, and did a lovely job of slathering on some sunscreen, but it didn't quite do the job of covering all my exposed bits of skin.

This time, I have an entire 1.7 ounce tube that I can pump out as many squirts as I want of the broad spectrum spf 30 with uniprotect pt-3 as I want to!

Yes, this product as won an "Cosmetic Exectuive Women Indie Beauty Award 2013 winner award", but who cares about that. Let's talk about the nitty gritty does it work for me, my family and our on the go never know until the last minute what and where we are going lifestyle!

 For me, my family is in Arizona, but we drive to California, then we fly to Texas, only to jump back to Nevada and end up in Arizona with a bit of days before journeying back to Oregon and ending up in North Dakota. Which I like to call "God's Country"

Oh, it's also won the conde Nast Traveler 2013 Global Beauty Award. Why? Because it works while traveling with kids, crew and drive thru. Or at least, that's my experience.

I can say, so far, this tube has traveled just four states, and performed well, meaning it didn't streak, didn't irritate, didn't make kids cry and my foundation went on top of it and got camera ready in a matter of moments.

It's worth it in my humble opinion!
Buy yours at Sephora,, Barneys, or visit the Supergoop! website to learn more. You'll be glad you did.
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