Thursday, August 21, 2014

CaliMojos for fun, color changing footwear that changes with the sun

Hello Gorgeous!
One week away from the San Diego Tall Ship Festival!
Woo hoo! We are so excited! It will be our first time attending and it's a perfect way to celebrate my Mancub's birthday.

I will for sure be wearing my new CaliMojo flip flops!

 Here I am in my Arizona desert scape yard, otherwise known as dirt. Or, dirt and rock. But there is plenty of sunshine to be found. I just walked outside in my new pink butterfly CaliMojos!

Now, within a few short moments the straps begin to change color as they are exposed to the UV rays of the sun. They feel comfortable and a nice spongey'ness in the rubber sole. They feel light on my feet and are just a fun way to end the summer with a Labor Day weekend party on the boat and at the beach!

Manufactured in the USA, SolarActive® Sun Activated™ screen print and heat transfer inks are available for all kinds of apparel and consumer products.

 The most recent addition to SolarActive’s® product portfolio is CaliMojos™ – our first line of
color:changing footwear. There are more types of clothing and wearables made by SolarActives's to choose from on the website.

Check these out and purchase on the CaliMojo website here!

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