Saturday, August 9, 2014

Proactiv for monsoon skin madness and preparing for the Teen Choice Awards!

Hello Gorgeous!
Oh sweet and happy Friday!
Here in Arizona, it's officially monsoon season here. Meaning, we have all the heat of our normal Arizona summer plus more humidity than East Texas and Florida combined! Holy pimple factory!

Enter, a sample I forgot I had from the Generation Beauty sponsored by Ipsy YouTube Space L.A. party!
I'm so glad I found this in my stash of beauty stuff because these past few days of extreme humidity and heat has given my skin a real challenge.

Say hello to the new line from Proactiv!

I've switched from my normal skin care to the line of Proactiv for acne type skin.
The mask is my absolute favorite product in all of these products because it is sulfur based. It will clear a blemish up in a matter of hours!

My experience is the product has very little scent, is effective, is not overly drying and does not sting.

I have a link here for you to use to learn more about the product ingredients and possibly get your own. I'm so glad I found this gem hiding in my sample pile! Thank you Gen Beauty!

Now, I'm guessing many a guest and presenter at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards are using or are in need of Proactiv!

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