Tuesday, August 19, 2014

EMME: beauty travel bag TSA approved ease for checking in for the plane

Hello Gorgeous,

Meet EMME travel bag. It's a pidgy-pigeon-holers dream of pockets and compartments!

 I travel a lot for business, family, and some fun. I have been the person at the TSA check point and forced to give up brand new cosmetics and perfumes. I'm not quite sure since there were in the legal 3-1-1 quantity and clear, zip top, quart size bag. Read more on that here.

Now, back to EMME.

Now let's learn a bit about how the EMME bag came about. Meet the creator:

"My name is Emily Constantini, and I'm the creator and founder of EMME, pronounced EM-MEEEE.  I created EMME because, as a frequent business traveler, I could not find a toiletry bag that fit my needs.  I wanted something chic, sophisticated, premium quality, brand-aware, and most importantly - compartmentalized with detachable features.  See, I'm a card-carrying optimizer.  I have mastered the art of getting through airport security with carry on luggage - minimizing the amount of time it takes to get through while maximizing the amount of items I can take with me.  Plus, when traveling as frequently as I do, you want to make life as easy as possible for yourself.  I could not find a bag that worked.   ".

Oh do I believe her. I too have had everything bust open and pop a lid while flying only to get there and a mish mash of products! Serenity now!

 I'm packing my EMME bag now for a series of back to back short trips: some for business some for family and some for fun! I have an old skool Samsonite vanity that I use now, so I'm really looking forward to putting everything in it's own neat, little compartment!

I read on the EMME blog that some men are using it as a combo dop kit and device/accessory/charger bag. While some busy moms are making half of it for the baby and the other half for her items.

Good ideas!

What will you use your EMME bag for? Get one online here!

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