Saturday, August 2, 2014

My Cabana Boy-Just what your back needs!

Hi Ya Gorgeous,

Summer is still in high heat here in Arizona. Literally.
Sometimes, it's so hot here, there is no going outside to use the pool or to the river. Let alone lay out and get some sun!

With sunscreen on of course.

So meet My Cabana Boy , the help that you need to reach the hard to reach spots!

I love the idea of My Cabana Boy and I was very excited to try my sample.

But, my can of Fake Bake self tanner does not work with the My Cabana Boy. See the photo below, the black cap on the right, which is slightly slanted, does not work with the mechanism that presses on the nozzle.

Darn it!

So I put my flat tip sunscreen can in the My Cabana Boy and it worked perfectly!  I was taking photos of me using it, but you can't see the clear sunscreen spraying on my back.

So for just $13.99 you can get a My Cabana Boy too! It's perfect for self tanner as well as sunscreen and even a spray lotion if you need to get your backside moisturized.

My Cabana Boy comes in 4 colors: orange, blue, yellow and green. It's made of sturdy plastic. You can purchase online at Amazon, RickysNYC and on the My Cabana Boy website.

Cheers to them for a new innovative self help product!

What I really like is this fact: it's made in the USA!
From the website:
Our product was dreamt, designed, redesigned and redesigned, then perfected
on the beaches of the East Coast. And now, we are  proudly being manufactured
in New Jersey.

 So visit the website and get one for yourself, and talk about a perfect stocking stuffer for upcoming Christmas!!!

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