Thursday, August 7, 2014

REACH: A New Angle on Brushing for Back to School 2014

Hello Gorgeous!

 It's Back to School time in Arizona. I get it. Most of the country won't go back to school until September, but around here. It's in full swing.

 While stocking up on backpack, school clothes, supplies and you name it, I also think it's a good time to update and change your tooth brush.

Enter, REACH!

I received a sample set of the new dental care toothbrushes that have "upgraded" the simple toothbrush to a dental appliance.

This is exciting news to me because I am a tooth brushing, flossing freak! I have several toothbrushes of different styles and cleaning techniques and I'm glad to get a new one to try.

The new REACH Complete Care line has 2 new ways to brush: A triple angled PRO for superior plaque removal and the triple angle floss for a clean deep between teeth brush.

 Some reasons to try the new REACH Complete Care line:
  • 13° triple angled neck
  • Triple angled bristles maximize contact with each tooth
  • Bi-level tapered floss bristles help clean between teeth and around the gum line
  • REACH Tip™ with whitening bristles for added benefit
  • Big Control Grip enhances control
  • Available in SOFT and MEDIUM bristles
 They retail for $3.99 for one and $5.99 for two.  I personally like the Floss brush best because I love flossing. It's the secret to whiter teeth and fresh breath without using whiteners or gum.

 The REACH brand is available at Walmart in the United States and at Overwaitea in Canada.

Get a new toothbrush for your best back to school smile!

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