Friday, August 8, 2014

TGIF with Venox-the snake venom skincare

Oh Gorgoeus,
Enjoy your Sabbath today my friends. I personally, am enjoying that BTS is officially in session here in Arizona.
My Mancub has had a summer of dreams and was ready to be back in school with friends.

So it gives me time to work on the blog more because I have just a wee touch more of time. Not much, but more to do a thorough testing of a product.

Enter, Venox Serum!

I have recently received a sample of the Beverly Hills MD produced Venox Serum, which is an advanced blend of age-defying ingredients to provide the ultimate skincare experience. Fast acting and long lasting, Venox is infused with SYN-AKE® peptides to reduce muscle cell contraction and promote firmer, smoother skin and decrease the depth and visibility of surface wrinkles.

For me it's day one  in testing this product. I will test it for seven days and post a before and after photo.
So far, I like that there is very little scent, no sting, and fingers crossed for some effective healing of some seriously sun damaged skin.

Stay tuned for the after pics! In the meantime, visit the Venox website and learn more for yourself!

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