Friday, August 29, 2014

#TGIF on this 2014 Labor Day Weekend !

Holla Gorgeous!
#TGIF! It's officially Labor Day weekend in my household. How about yours? So, normally I would have a product review or something new up on the blog-but, please forgive me.

I've got a perfectly good reason, read below!

My family was so excited to hurry up and get to Legoland, the beach and the boats that we left last night. Like a wild hare, we just up and went!

This photo is Mancub and I on his first trip to Legoland for his 7th birthday. He just turned 9 and we are going back. As usual!

For the giggles, I have a previous YouTube video for Makeup University on a past Labor Day weekend.

No worries-things are still the same: wear plenty of sunscreen, stay hydrated and most importantly, make memories with your loved ones!

P.S. In the video it shows a can of spray tan-oh if only I had this tool then!

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