Monday, August 18, 2014

Venox: the ten day trial with before and after photos

Happy Monday Gorgeous!
I have been testing the Beverly Hills MD Venox serum and this is my review with before and after photos.

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 My experience with Venox is good. It's a lightweight serum and feels active on the skin. It has a very light scent. It wears well with my moisturizer and underneath my foundation.

I tested the toughest area of my skin that could use some anti-aging help: my chest has been scorched and burned in the sun for the past 20 years! It needs help!

 This is Day 1 of the test and I am applying the Venox serum on my face, neck and decollete area. That's where the real test is!
 This is Day 4 of using Venox on an area of skin that has been burned more times than toast!

 This is Day 10 of using Venox. I am seeing a lightening of the burn wrinkles and a smoother texture to the skin.
I plan to keep using the Venox serum til it's empty and I'll post a last day photo update!

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Now here is a bit more about the product and the doctors who created it!

Dr. John Layke and Dr. Payman Danielpour are two highly skilled cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeons who have dedicated their lives to unlocking the secret of ageless beauty.
Recognizing their patients’ beauty needs and dissatisfaction with the scope of skincare products available, the doctors set out to bring the expertise from their Beverly Hills private practice straight to your doorstep.
With years of clinical research, the pair have synthesized groundbreaking formulas that effectively target the problem that no other skin product has been able to successfully solve – tired, aging skin. With innovation, science, and groundbreaking skincare research, the doctors have broken new ground in anti-aging beauty with Venox.

About Venox Serum and the difference:
Venox, our new anti-aging breakthrough formula, is designed to achieve and upkeep the results of cosmetic surgery in order to maintain the most youthful-looking skin - now and forever.
Whether you've considered or have already tried cosmetic surgery, Venox is clinically proven to improve your skin, giving you surgical results in one simple step. This powerful, fast-acting anti-aging serum utilizes a unique, groundbreaking formula to reduce and even eliminate deep wrinkles and fine lines while promoting collagen production and cell turnover for tighter, brighter skin.

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