Monday, August 4, 2014

Luminess Air EPIC airbrush makeup system-just right for airbrush makeup at home and on the go

 Hello Gorgeous!
Happy Monday!
I love Mondays. I get more done on a Monday than I do all week! Or so it feels.

 I recently tried the new Luminess Airbrush Makeup epic system. And this is my experience!

Yep, that's a video right there in the center of the unit to walk and talk you through a tutorial!

I received a Luminess Airbrush Makeup system to try for the blog. Special thanks to Luminess Air for trusting me with scientific R&D!

In my samples were two kits: one of Luminess Airbrush skincare and one of the pigments to use for primer, foundation, blush, and highlighting.

It's super easy to get started with the Luminess Airbrush system. I started with clean skin, all my samples and tools unwrapped and shaken, then plugged in the a/c power and pressed on!

After I selected the 2 shades that I wanted to use for foundation, I set them up in a row for a plan of attack. Or a plan of airbrushing on my Luminess Airbrush makeup.

Why 2 shades you say? Because I picked 2 and 3 to highlight and contour my face like I would with my normal liquid foundations.

In the line up you see the Luminess Airbrush: primer, shade 2, shade 3, Tulip blush, brightening glow, and then the last 2 bottles are shade 4 and 1. I had on hand just in case I wanted to add a bit more contour!

Here I am with the Luminess Airbrush skin care makeup already air brushed on. I used the Luminess Skin Professional Defense, followed by Luminess Skin Professional Radiance tinted moisturizer and followed by the Luminess Skin Vibrance skin brightening complex.

Well, it's safe to say that I have officially layered on enough product to keep me hydrated and evenly toned for the day. But I'm not stopping there!

Note: at first, my skin felt a bit tacky to the touch. Not wet and sticky like I had applied to much product or put the stylus too close to the skin. It felt more tacky sticky then wet. I think I just over did it a bit.

Keeping in the let's over do it theme, in this photo I have used Shade 2 to put on the high points of my face, lids of my eyes with a wee spray over my lips to prime my lipstick. I like the light shade and I used a very delicate coat of product.

The stylus is super easy to use and has a nice weight to it in my hand.

Now in this photo I have used Shade 3 to go in and contour my cheeks and chin. After this initial photo I went back in a bit heavy handed and can out looking like RuPaul ready for camera. I did have to blot a bit.

The Tulip blush is gorgeous. I have applied to the apples of my cheeks and on my lips. Why not?  Note to users and self: the directions on the blush say to apply sparingly because it develops more on the skin. Well, I read that after the fact and have gone from RuPaul to Bozo in a matter of moments! Thank goodness for blotting and a J.Andre sponge.

Okay. Fully made up using the EPIC system from Luminess Airbrush Makeup. I really liked the ease of it. I do like the video and wish there were more than one on the unit. Maybe there are and I should go back and read the instructions?

Cleaning was easy. I used a diluted mix of isopropyl alcohol  and water in the stylus cup, back bubbled for a few seconds and then gently wiped dry with a tissue. Ready to go for my next airbrush makeup session!

Next up, I'm going to try the Luminess Airbrush Makeup system and a stencil with some pigment for my eyebrows. I'll let you know how it goes!

To learn more about the airbrush makeup system and how you can use it at home-especially you busy moms who want a 5 minute makeup routine before starting the day, go here to check it out!

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