Wednesday, November 19, 2014

12 Days of Gifts and Giving with UniK Wax Tweezers and Brain Insights Love Your Baby card

Hello Gorgeous!
Happy Hump Day and welcome to the 12 Days of Gifts and Giving!

I'm excited to bring you two stocking stuffers for the beauty lover and the soon to be Mama!

Meet the UniK Wax Tweezers and Brain  Brain Insights Love Your Baby cards.

For the beauty lover in your life who needs a wee stocking stuffer or personal grooming device, consider the UniK Wax Tweezer. These are just $11 and come in several colors.

They are a high precision tweezer. They are lightweight, durable and easy to handle.

Now, I have several friends who are pregnant right now! I'm so excited to share these with them!
Meet the Brain Insights Love Your Baby fun cards!

Love Your Baby

byain Insights $11.88
What could be better for a parent of a newborn baby? 
This packet of 40 cards hung on a ring makes it easy for busy parents to have brain development activity ideas available anytime. The brain packet fits easily into a purse or diaper bag and eliminates the need for time to read a whole book.
Each activity card also uniquely includes information on how loving and fun interaction helps a child's brain develop! Love Your Baby emphasizes the importance of attachment for healthy social/emotional and cognitive development. The brain development information is explained in everyday language from the perspective of a baby.
This packet assists new parents in providing child development for their new baby and does it in an easy and unique format. Every baby born needs the people in their life to do these loving and fun activities with them!

Available in English and Spanish

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