Thursday, November 13, 2014

Big Hero 6: family movie review

Hello Gorgeous!
Well, Big Hero 6 has been out for a week now. If you have not seen it and are thinking of taking your kids to see it, go ahead. Go and quickly!

My family went to see it and my 9 year old son, loved it and is still chiming around the house with "hairy baby".

So here's the run down from my fam to yours!

 Disney has done something, ok, many things right with this movie. For starters, it begins with an old school cartoon, before the cartoon.

Feast was definitely a feast for the eyes, ears, heart and more. We loved seeing something from the perspective of the dog. I would say more but then it would spoil it for you. Just know, that the kids are going to relate to the puppy and enjoy seeing this short cartoon to the end. It runs just about 10 minutes before Big Hero 6 begins.

This is a wee snap from the movie theater of the short Feast.

 Now let's talk Baymax! I remember seeing a trailer for it months ago, and on a recent trip to the Disney Studios in California, I saw Baymax in the employee store and brought him home.

So my son was a bit of a fan before we got to the theater.

For us, this movie had action, heart, helping others and serving others, a fun soundtrack and great animation. We are so guilty of "looking" at the movie sometimes instead of just watching it.

There are some  items of question for you to watch for Moms: there is a scene where Baymax is low on batteries and he stumbles a bit like he is drunk. Then there is Baymax talking to Hiro about on setting puberty. The movie begins with Hiro gambling in a bot contest.

As a parent, I felt like these were minor compared to the outright moral violations we have scene in other movies.

Big Hero 6 deals with loss of a loved one as a common theme throughout the movie and it does so with compassion and respect. It reinforces a need for a family bond through the characters.

Overall, we laughed, and cried and cheered and would definitely be open to seeing a second Baymax movie.

 Here is what Plugged In says as reviewed by Bob Hoose:
Which of the following statements is true?

Big Hero 6 is:

1) A Marvel superhero team origins story.
2) A lesson-filled Disney tale about a lonely, parentless kid and his robot friend.
3) A city-destroying Avengers-style adventure.
4) An anime-lite art project.
5) All of the above.

Uh-huh, even though the movie's trailers may have given you the impression that this is primarily a Disney-ish tale about an action-crazed kid and his balloon stand-in robot pal, the real answer is 5) All of the above.

Based very loosely on an obscure Marvel superhero series that mixes a Japanese manga story with an American comic book presentation, Big Hero 6 is a mélange of cultures, story styles and animation approaches. From the opening scenes in the future/fantasy city of San Fransokyo (a visually impressive combination of San Francisco and Tokyo), this pic quickly differentiates itself from Frozen and Toy Story and even your typical Marvel superhero feature.

Yes, it tells the tale of a group of science geeks who use their gifts to battle evil in a city-crunching finale. But it consistently delivers the sense that there's more at play than that. It's less about powered-up whiz-bang and more about "somebody has to help." It's less about superheroes and more about exploring the idea that a diverse group of friends become something of a makeshift support system—a family—for a kid who's lost everything and everyone.

The cornerstone of that group, of course, is the guileless and completely sugar-free marshmallow Baymax. The service-focused robot comes to represent all of the positives that Tadashi was in Hiro's life—helpfulness, pure goodness and self-sacrifice. And Baymax is also the onscreen character that will keep the kiddie moviegoers wrapped in a cushiony layer of rubbery warmth if and when the surrounding save-the-day action stuff becomes a little too bim-bang-boom-y.

Add in solid lessons of teamwork, friendship, dealing with grief in a healthy way, and exhortations on the emptiness of revenge. You won't want to say it (because it would make Baymax power down), but you'll likely find that you were well satisfied with your care.


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