Sunday, November 23, 2014

12 Days of Gifts and Giving with Scalisi Skincare

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Are you getting ready for the American Music Awards tonight on ABC?

If you are, try using Scalisi Skincare which is today's feature on the 12 Days of Gifts and Giving!

 Meet this cleanser and exfoliator in one from Scalisi Skincare that has vitamins and a gentle micro beads.

Scalisi Skincare is a leader in anti-aging skincare.  It is the only scientifically proven anti-aging collection on the market that repairs visible wrinkles and has been combined with age preventative SPF 30 ingredients to prevent future wrinkles.  No other products out there can help you look younger, and keep you looking younger, with a base of safe ingredients.  

Scalisi further redefines itself by combining the best of the three categories of skincare:  science, beauty and organic so you no longer have to choose.  

Recommended by doctors, aestheticians, celebrities, makeup artists and consumers.  
Scalisi has been recognized as industry innovators and has been nominated for multiple beauty awards including the CEW Beauty Quest Award for the next big thing in beauty.  

Scalisi Skincare To The Rescue

Years of meticulous skin healing research have perfected our patented and trademarked peptides, which convince the brain the wrinkle is a cut, therefore calling in more collagen to essentially “heal” the wrinkle. By reconnecting the broken collagen chains, the skin’s supple foundation is restored.
And we’re pretty proud of the proven results: a staggering 45% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles in 8 weeks.*

Our Peptides

Scalisi Skincare products boast a powerful combination of two synthetic peptides. While effective individually (6% and 57% respectively), their one-two punch increases the look of collagen production by more than 250%. Now that’s teamwork.

PAL – GHK, a synthetic peptide containing three amino acid residues. Glycine, histidine and lysine target collagen and skin thickness.
PAL – GQPR, a synthetic peptide containing four amino acid residues. Glycine, glutamine, proline and guanidine target elasticity and hydration and firmness.
While these individual peptides are not new discoveries, Scalisi Skincare’s proprietary formula and stabilization process are revolutionary.
And if that wasn't exciting enough, the unique emulsions used to balance the broad-spectrum SPF 30 ingredients in our Anti-Aging Moisturizer give it a blissful

So that is a lot of information from the Scalisi website but basically, I love it. I love scrubs that are effective but gentle, and I like something that removes my makeup. This is  like having a 3 in 1 product because it removes mascara, makeup and does exfoliation all at the same time.

It's $25.00 for a tube and a little bit goes a long way. So for the gal or guy who needs a stocking stuffer, think Scalisi Skincare!
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