Monday, November 3, 2014

Rituals for road trips and then some

Happy Monday Gorgeous!

I love Mondays.

I'm packing for travel. Again. This time I'm driving so I can pack every single last beauty item I want to and need to. And, want to.

Meet Rituals.

Just what I need for changing weather in the high desert!

These three hand and foot care creams are for traveling now and over the busy holiday season. Which in case you didn't know, there are 24 days til Thanksgiving, meaning 25 til Black Friday but with the way the ads are going, Black Friday may as well be today. Christmas is just 50 days away. Gulp.

In the photo, the Rituals products from left to right are described below!

The Rituals Lao Tze Chinese Mint & Yi Yi Ren cooling foot balm:
Unique rich balm with a combination of natural ingredients that leaves dry, rough skin feeling silky, soft and supple

Pamper your feet with this sensational, nourishing and cooling formula

Contains Chinese Mint for revitalising tired feet

Result: feet feel silky soft and supple, while your whole body benefits from the care you devote to your feet  Retails for $15.00

 The Rituals Happy Hands Mandarin & Mint hydrating hand lotion :
An ultra nourishing hand lotion for hydrating your hands

Your hands are hydrated and soft to the touch

Experience the scent sensation of biological Mandarin and the invigorating effect of Mint

Absorbs quickly
Retails for $12.00

The Rituals Miracle Scrub with Ginseng & Gingko Biloba:
A hand scrub containing oils which are easily absorbed, restoring the skin’s elasticity and moisture balance

Enriched with nourishing oils that are easily absorbed by the skin to restore suppleness and moisture balance

Enriched with Ginseng, the symbol of immorality. In Japan, Ginkgo Biloba stands for life and strength
Retails for $17.00

These Rituals hand and foot care products are perfect for my week long road trip or putting in someone's Christmas stocking!


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