Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Final day of 12 Days of Gifts and Giving with Scenterprises by Sue Philips

Hello Gorgeous,
 Ah, we hae arrived at the final day of the Makeup University 12 Days of Gifts and Giving. These posts have been so much fun for me to share with you new and exciting gifts to give.

Today is no different. You know, that i am a huge fragrance fan and this last item to recommend to you for a gift to give or get is the best fragrance gift ever. Meet Scenterprises.

Your own custom scent. YOU choose the top, middle and base notes of the fragrance. So if you are customizing for a loved one, you can choose your favorite smells or theirs. I absolutely love the idea of making a signature scent for a loved one or an occasion.

As a young girl, I had a toy perfume maker and I played with it every day until it was all gone. My Barbies smelled so good and so did the family dog!

From jewelry, to handbags, to apparel; the most coveted items are those that are customized. So this Christmas gift giving season, make a custom scent.

I think what would really make for a fun holiday party is to get a Scenterprises set and have your friends over and  then each gets to make a scent and take home as a gift for themselves!

Ideal for gift giving; Tribeca based Perfumoligist Sue Phillips, has created The Scentarium™ - a deluxe perfume making kit that enables clients to mix their own fragrance based on personality and taste from the privacy of their home.

  For more information about the brand please visit www.scenterprises.com.

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