Saturday, November 8, 2014

Doga Unleashed! Perfect pet Christmas gift that benefits you too!

Happy Saturday Gorgeous!
Did you do some exercise today? How about some yoga? Maybe walk the dog too?

What if you could combine your yoga and your dog walk at the same time?

Amy Stevens created Doga Unleashed. Her big break came when she and her team created a company called Yoga4dogs. Recognizing the need for new and innovative fitness and health products, she and her team created a revolutionary line of goods to help integrate pets into people’s daily lives. While Yoga4Dogs was the initial driving force for Amy to pursue her passions, she has recently decided to give the entire company a fresh new look with updated, more in depth products and even a face lift when it comes to branding. Enter, Doga Unleashed!

Then Amy met up with fellow animal lover Katie Orton and the rest is Doga history!

Meet Katie Orton and Farrah from Doga Unleashed!

Now, it's true, that ever since my Nala took the rainbow bridge to Heaven five years ago, I am still not ready for another dog. I don't think there will ever be another German Shepherd/Husky mix who talks, loves, protects and serves like she did.

I have two fat cats, Shadrach and Abednego and they don't replace her, but definitely fill up my love tank when I'm running low.

Nothing quite compares to the love of an animal. So meet Doga Unleashed and the healthful treats and activities that can lead to a long and healthy lifetime.

Recognizing the need for new and innovative fitness and health products, DOGA UNLEASHED has come up with a revolutionary line of products that helps to integrate pets into people’s daily lives. Our website is an exciting online community where people can purchase products, connect with other pet enthusiasts and stay up to date with all of the latest in the pet and fitness world.

Once known as Yoga4Dogs, DOGA UNLEASHED plans to take our fresh new concepts to a whole new level!  Soon we will be providing an entire line of fitness related products that you and your dog can both relish in.  We strive to be the catalyst in all you and your pooch need to become Doga experts in no time!


DOGA UNLEASHED teamed up with a talented group of cooking pros and animal nutritionists to develop the DOGA LIPSMACKERS Cookbook. From Mini Pizzas to Frozen Strawberry Pupsicles, DOGA LIPSMACKERS offers 35 unique recipes created with your dog’s wellness in mind. All recipes are vet approved and use natural and organic ingredients that promote greater nutrition for happy, healthy dogs!
Additional Information:
  • All recipes have been personally cooked, baked and grilled by company owners
  • Veterinarian Approved!
“Amy Stevens' book DOGA LIPSMACKERS provides all of us with the opportunity to make healthy, natural treats for our dogs without the need for many of the chemical fillers, preservatives and flavorings that so many commercial products include. These simple, yet wholesome recipes use common ingredients found in most of our kitchens and pantries, and are very well-suited to be fed as daily supplements to your dogs' regular diet.” – Dr. Josh Sosnow, DVM

Product Description
  • 35 Unique DOGA LIPSMACKERS Recipes
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Journal Entries by Amy Stevens
  • Information on jobs involving Dogs
  • Fun Dog Facts
  • Full Color Custom Graphic Design
  • Section to make and keep notes
Order now to avoid a holiday rush and any nasty mix up like last year with the delivery services.
I think this makes a great gift for the dog and dog lover in your life!

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