Wednesday, November 5, 2014

CMA with Carrie Underwood tonight on ABC: Dr. G Moist ample CC Cushion SPF 50

Hi ya Gorgeous!
Tonight on  ABC tune in for the 48th Annual Country Music Awards.

It will be the seventh year that Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley have hosted the show. I think they make a great team. I am looking forward to seeing what Carrie Underwood wears to highlight or hide her growing baby bump!

One thing for sure, her skin will look amazing. I have recently tried a new CC cream from Dr. G and love it!

I am in love! It's so fresh and looks amazing and wears really, really well. No creasing or breaking up on the skin.

  • Cooling Tough of Moist Ample and Improvement of Skin Complexion Effect, it can perform moist and shiny skin. Complexion Care CC Cushion!
  • Fresh Cooling Touch- Ulleungdo Deep Seawater(Sea Water) provides Healthy Moisture that is plenty of mineral instead of water, with fresh cooling texture as mineral mist
  • Reinforce of Moisture Layer- Contained Moist Ample 27% and Moist Pump Technology which pumps up moisture glossy more and more, so it can make a transparent and slight moisture layer for all day long moist and sleek skin performance maintaining.

  • Bright and Pure Coverage _ One Step Tone-Up Correction of Darkening ZERO! Fine Moisturizing Correction without stickiness. It reinforces of light reflection effect, it can perform bright skin complexion with excellent lively coverage.
  • Multi Nude Care- [ Mist, Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle, UV Protection, Glossy Coverage, Moisturizing, Cooling Effect] Real Skincare Ample CC Cushion with moisturizing and brightness. Multi Nude Care for Skin Complexion brightly with perfect coverage.

This retails online for about $42.00 and is available online.

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